Weekly Photo Challenge: Unique

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unique

Just like our fingerprints, each one of us is unique in some way. We come in all different shapes and sizes. Different colours, gender, sexual orientation. We have different likes and dislikes, different strengths and weaknesses. Far too often people are criticized for their differences, when in reality they should be celebrated. So today instead of judges others look inside yourself for what makes you unique and show it off.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond

Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond

During our 2009 trip to New York City, we took an elevator to the top of Rockefeller Centre. Although it was a bit unnerving being up so high, the view was unbelievable. There is an amazing view of Central Park as well as the skyline of New York. This photo shows the Empire State building at dusk with a nice southern shot of the New York skyline and the Hudson River beyond the Empire State Building. In the distance on the right side you can make out the Statue of Liberty which looks tiny from this view.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Illuminated

Weekly Photo Challenge: Illuminated

This was a tough challenge for me. As a beginner photographer I have trouble getting a decent night shot. This was my chance to test out my skills. Living in Niagara Falls I knew that I would have lots of things that I could photograph to fit with this theme. So I grabbed my camera and my tripod and went down to the Falls. I started taking pictures and nothing was turning out. They were too dark, too blurry, or just plain crap. I was starting to get worried. I kept taking pictures hoping I would get at least one decent shot. Surprisingly I had a few shots that turned out quite well. This was my favourite. It is a shot of the Skylon Tower lit up with a line of trees along the base. I love the spookiness of the lower half to the picture contrasted by the tall illuminated tower coming out of the fog.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved

Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved

This year I have started a lot of resolutions. I have decided that I need to keep on top of my cleaning. Normally I would leave all of my cleaning and then try to complete all of my jobs in one day. Well, obviously this never worked out well. I never finished what I wanted to finish and my house was never as clean as I wanted it. I am now doing a little bit everyday and starting a routine that will keep me on top of the mess.